Health & Safety


The health and safety of our employees and the people who rely on our products and services is fundamental to our culture and drives everything we do.

Providing a safe and injury-free workplace for all employees, contractors, visitors and the community in which we operate is our number one priority.

Waco has recently undertaken a renewed drive across all lines of business to unify and simplify what safety means to our business and people.

The introduction of our new safety brand and motto, ‘Be Safe. Be Sure’ gives our safety culture an identity. This logo signifies the importance of working safely. Being Safe means Being Sure, and if you’re not sure, then pause until it is safe.

Furthermore, accompanying the Be Safe Be Sure logo is a range of print and digital media and risk management tools, including our Waco, scaffolding-specific Take-5 pocket book.

Waco Kwikform has also successfully achieved AS/NZS 4801 National Third Party Certification for our Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS is a coordinated and systematic approach to managing safety.

Waco operates in many diverse industries, each with its own unique WHS requirements. We work closely with our customers to create a safe working environment wherever we operate; one that is well documented, well communicated and capable of being measured and tested.

We will continue to evaluate our products and services, and implement new technology, with the objective of enhancing safety and efficiency in our own business, where we interact with our customers, the community and in our industry as a whole.

We reinforce a safety culture throughout the company and with our associated sub-contractors. Our HESQ team assists in providing support across our risk management program. The safety of our products is evident by the commitment to ongoing evaluation of scaffold design and product testing – all overseen by our company’s chief engineer.


We are committed to safeguarding global environmental resources.

Our environmental policy ensures that we comply with the relevant statutory regulations applicable to each project and that environmental issues are identified, with control mechanisms put in place, to manage the environmental impact of our day to day operations as well as any unique environmental aspects our projects may face.

Environmental Management is incorporated into our WHSEQ management plans, which are regularly reviewed to determine our effectiveness and compliance with Environmental regulations in each of the geographic regions in which we operate.

All employees and sub-contractors of Waco are informed of the environmental issues and concerns that confront the industries in which we work. Waco Kwikform communicates this awareness through the delivery of a range of induction and training programs.

And our commitment extends beyond expected compliance with environmental laws. We seek to incorporate a consideration of environmental issues in all aspects of our business and at every stage of our decision making. Waco Kwikform, by design, utilises an inherently recyclable product base, with very limited non-recyclable waste. Equipment reaching the end of its serviceable life is recycled in partnership with some of the industries most advance sustainability practitioners. Waco also embraces a best practice model, which encourages collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best practice processes across our various branches and sister companies so that good initiatives are not siloed to one particular location.