How to choose a quality formwork system supplier and a reliable formwork solution   

While there is much debate around future trends in the construction industry, Australia continues to enjoy unprecedented levels of construction and development, particularly in our largest centres.  

With this growth, has come an increasing demand for modular formwork.  

It’s easy to see why. Modular formwork offers speed of construction, flexibility and labour savings.   

Waco Kwikform continues to secure formwork projects, particularly in commercial and residential markets, and our modular formwork products are becoming increasingly sought after.  

So what should you look for in a modular formwork supplier and in formwork products more generally?  


It goes without saying that safety and quality are of utmost importance with any type of formwork or scaffolding. Make sure your supplier and their products meet the necessary standards set by Standards Australia.  

Waco Kwikform’s procedures are certified to Quality Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 and our products are manufactured to Australian Standard AS1576. We also impose a thorough inspection and testing regime on our hire equipment to guarantee the enduring strength and quality of each & every piece. There aren’t many companies who invest in this level of maintenance of their hire equipment. Repeat business orders from many of our customers demonstrates the quality of our product and excellence of our service.  


Quality formwork systems don’t have to cost the earth. In designing and building formwork, you should aim for maximum economy. Formwork, after all, is only temporary and does not form part of the final structure.  

Clever design can contribute greatly to overall cost. Waco Kwikform offers expert engineering and technical support to projects of all shapes and sizes.  

Our formwork is also well-priced. Waco systems are durable, reusable, and quick to erect, which means enhanced productivity and reduced expense.  

Removing the need for the customers to cut down their conventional formwork (timber and plywood) to size, also means less wastage – which is better for your project’s bottom-line and the environment.  


Look for someone with proven formwork experience across a variety of sectors.

Waco Kwikform has been providing scaffolding and formwork to the Australian Construction Industry for more than 30 years. We’re known for our commitment to service excellence and our ‘can-do’ approach. Whilst we have the backing and support of our international parent company Waco International, we operate locally and respond quickly, and with flexibility.  


Formwork systems should be quick and easy to erect and dismantle.  

Waco’s horizontal Kwik-Deck system allows for quick recycling of panels & beams and features a quick-release drop head system for fast striking. Our vertical formwork products have less components than traditional Econo-Form panels, saving you time and effort on shutter assembly.  


Make sure your formwork supplier has sufficient product and capacity. In other words: enough formwork product, adequate man power (including labour if required) and the technical expertise to do the job well.

With 22 branches across Australia and New Zealand, and a further 12 regional distributors, Waco Kwikform has the coverage to ensure the timely supply and wide distribution of our products and services.

We also sell a range of handy formwork consumables, making us a one-stop-shop for your formwork needs and advice.


We hope you have found this information helpful. If you would like more information on Waco’s formwork range, please contact one of our friendly professionals on 1300 333 113.

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